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Eyebrow pigment #102L "Light Brown Cold" Light 5 ml

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This is a classic #102 Light Brown Cold, with the same coverage, but with a lower concentration of coloring matter. Diluted 1:1 with special thinner.

Suitable for beginners who work superficially, afraid to go deep. And also for those who are afraid of concentrated pigments, but really want to try NE Pigments.

Temperature: neutral, cool.

Base: yellow, sand color.

Who is it suitable for: suits contrasting blondes with normal to thin skin for powdery , transparent shading.

Light brown hair with normal to thin skin, you can add a yellow corrector or use warm light brown on thick skin. To make it warmer, but not lighter, add deep brown color.

Technique: air shading, dense shading, hair method with a warm corrector.

Takes yellowish appearance when removed with laser and looks natural when removed with remover.

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Eyebrow pigment #102L "Light Brown Cold" Light 5 ml

Eyebrow pigment #102L "Light Brown Cold" Light 5 ml