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Recommendations for the use of NE Pigments

Recommendations for the use of NE Pigments

What is the shelf life after opening?

From the moment you open the package, you can work with pigments for a year.

What cannot be done?

Do not dip the pigment nose into the capsule. When pouring in pigment, the distance between the nose and the capsule must be a few centimeters, especially if you add pigment during the procedure.

How to properly add pigment during the procedure?

If you add pigment during the procedure, you definitely need to take off your gloves, because dirty gloves, conditionally infected with all kinds of viruses, cannot be touched by common items, especially jars of pigments.

What should be done before the procedure?

When you do not use pigments for a while, they can delaminate. Therefore, before starting the procedure, shake them vigorously for 1-2 minutes.

How to exclude cases of drying of the pigment?

Add at least one drop of thinner to the pigment and it won't dry out. In the process of work, make sure that there is no dried pigment on the nose of the device, because this interferes with the evaluation of the needle stickout. Sometimes because of this, the place of contact with the skin is not visible in the work, so periodically wipe the nose of the device with a cotton pad. Tip: When you collect the pigment from the capsule into the nose of the device, be sure to start working right away. There is no need to wait. If the device is working, but you are not yet, then at this moment the needle pushes the pigment out of the nose, a drop is formed, which you either wipe with a cotton pad, or it flows down the hairs - this is a mistake. You are wasting pigment. If you want to look, think, wipe, do it with the machine turned off.

How to dilute the pigment?

For 6-8 drops of pigment - 2 drops of thinner. I recommend using our thinner. When working with it, the density of the pigment does not change, that is, it does not become more liquid. And if you work with water for injection and drip more than 2 drops, then the pigment becomes too liquid, it can flow and splash.

How can you achieve transparency?

To achieve transparency in the work, you can use the technique when the strokes lie at a great distance from each other, in this case there will be some watercolors on the eyebrows, shadows and lips. Alternatively, you can thin the pigment more, but in this case, be sure to use a thinner, not water.

How to store pigments?

Pigments must be kept in a locker, without access to sunlight. Ideally, this should be a closed cabinet, or a cabinet that is not exposed to sunlight at all times.

How to dose the pigment?

NE Pigments has perfect spouts. Pressing lightly on the bubble, the spout creates the same, perfect drops every time. If you are mixing pigments, be sure to record the number of drops of the color or corrector used. You will know exactly what to do during the correction procedure, what to change or save.

What is the best way to wipe?

Regular cosmetic petroleum jelly will help you remove any pigment. Apply a very small amount of petroleum jelly with light, progressive movements on the skin (as if you are soaping it), then using a damp cotton pad, it will be completely wiped off in one stroke.

How to get beautiful photos after the procedure?

On red, injured skin at the end of the procedure, the color of the pigment is often distorted, it does not look aesthetically pleasing. For beautiful photos, be sure to anoint your eyebrows with anesthesia and wait a minute. Thanks to the adrenaline contained in it, the skin will turn white and the color will be perfectly visible. And then you can safely take pictures and show your work to the client.

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